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The Great Tiki and Its Slots Game

In Hawaiian culture and Polynesian mythology, the Tiki was a fabled figure and many carved Tiki gods and warriors were erected all around the islands. Tiki gods had temples made for them where the people showed their devotion to them and asked for fortune, good health and other mortal wishes.

There are four major Tiki gods that represent different forces and were worshipped under various names. The Tiki god of the sea was named Kanaloa. He is often associated with the squid and is connected in many ways with another major god Kane.

Ku is the Tiki god of war and was married to the goddess Hina. In the Hawaiian language, Ku means standing up and Hina means fallen down which represents both sides of the coin. Ku was the god that exclusively received human sacrifices from devoted followers.

Lono is the Tiki god that represents fertility and peace. Also known as the god of music, Lono was said to have come down to earth on a rainbow to marry Laka. The annual festival of the Makahiki was held in Lonos honor and all unnecessary work and war were prohibited. During this time, taxes were collected and fighting forces were organized but not utilized.

Kane is the Tiki god of light and fire. Kane was said to have created the earth, sky, and upper heaven. Often associated with the sun in farming traditions, Kane was also believed to have had a small seashell that transformed into a big sailboat when placed in the ocean. All someone had to do while in the sailboat was say where they were headed and the boat would take them there. Kane also translates to the word man, and he was a divine creator of nature.

The Hawaiian mythology is filled with shark men, dog men, many minor gods and a host of other legends that date far back in time. This rich history is also the inspiration for Jackpotjoy Tiki Temple Slots Game.

Tiki Temple brings the ancient and mysterious Tiki culture to an entertaining slots game that has 20 pay lines that let you play as few or many as you choose. This game features some fun characters and symbols that represent the Tiki legend. Getting three free spin symbols at once, can get you up to 20 free spins and the versatile wild symbols open up plenty of unique chances to win.

There are five reels in Tiki Temple and it has a progressive jackpot that can lead you to a really large payout. You can find yourself in an exciting bonus round where you are in the jungle searching for ancient riches. You do not need a large bet to get started and you can win big while having a fun adventure. Conquer the mysterious jungles while working your way toward the great Tiki Temple and a huge fortune.

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